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This is where the "Subhead" Goes Where You Lay Into the Biggest Benefits And Get Their Juices Flowing Wanting What You Have to Offer...


Dear Friend,

You may want to start with an interesting story here to get the drawn into the page, or you could use an interesting fact or even a shocking statement that serves as an interruption to their thought process!

The rest of this sales letter is just "filler" wording from another offer. You can examine it to see an example of the layout of a sales page, but just make sure you change all of this text asap.

That's what you are getting here though!

I mean, most people out there will continue to bounce around all over the place, getting only bits and pieces of methods for making money online... and most out there will never be able to piece it altogether into a real business either!

Listen - I want you to understand that this is a REAL business, and making money online is as REAL as it gets. I mean, even teenagers are making money online from home. It's real.

However, there's a ton of garbage out there... lots of hype and promises... tons of crap and way too many pies-in-the-sky!

The fact of the matter is, the day you start building a real business online (even a part-time business), that's the day everything changes for you. That's the day you realize this is a business and all it takes is following a proven system to get there!

Because you see, setting up a real business is not difficult at all. All it takes is following the steps, one at a time, until all the steps are completed.

Just fill in the blanks and complete the steps. If you're willing to do that, complete those steps and take action, then there's no telling how much you'll make, period!

Put a Callout Sub-Headline Here!

I gotta tell you... I've made more mistakes than I care to admit. I've bought tons of products... wasted tons of time... and have been so frustrated, I wanted to throw my entire laptop out the window into the trash can with this business!

I spent so much time chasing "magic buttons" and pies-in-the-sky, that I hate even looking back and thinking about it now.

However - It's easy to do. I mean, it's easy to chase magic buttons because there's so many promises out there... so many things that sound easy and like no-brainers. I'm not alone either. Maybe you've even done the same things.

Who knows, but I'll tell you this... everything changed for me when I started treating this like a real business. As soon as I started treating this like a real business and started ignoring the "magic buttons" everything changed for me.

I started seeing the world in a different angle. I started realizing that the average people out there (the herd) simply chase "magic buttons" all the time and never stop to focus on creating real businesses!

It's abundant. Millions of people live their entire lives chasing magic buttons only to be disappointed time and time again. It's sad really, but it's also very popular.

It's no wonder most fail. It's no wonder most never earn any money and it's no wonder people complain left and right about everything under the sun.

The day you put the responsibilities on your own shoulders, stop blaming others, and start building a real business of your own... that's the day everything changes and you start earning money.

I've seen people skyrocket their success practically overnight when they figured this out for themselves!

And, it's not hard either. I mean, starting a small, home business of your own online is very simple, cheap to do and requires no inventory at all.

You don't even need your own products.

  • Bullet Points are awesome!
  • Use them a lot
  • You can't have too many
  • No you can't
  • Have some posed as a question?

The power of the Internet is huge. I mean, the Internet has changed everything for business. It' world wide, it's widespread, it's popular, it connects everyone to each other, it's cheap and it's fast!

No need to lick stamps to mail people, or pay to mail folks. You can email them practically free. I don't have to tell you how powerful the Internet is for making money, or you'd not be here. You know!

Therefore, if you would like to learn EXACTLY how to earn money online from home (THE REAL WAY), then now's your chance to get mentored by a real pro.

Sprinkle in These Sub-Headlines

I'm quite certain, if [EXPERT] has been able to generate over 1 million dollars online, then he can surely show you how to make a part-time living (maybe even full-time living) online yourself!

We're not revealing [EXPERT]'s real name here, and even if we did, you've probably never heard of him, but that's ok. He's the real deal and has been teaching people how to do this for years! He's one of the best teachers in the industry and is an all around laid back, sincere person.

He is rare in this industry too... because he actually does care about your success and you can tell the minute you attend one of his online training sessions.

Every two weeks (sometimes weekly), [EXPERT] conducts a private webinar training session for his VIP clients. For over an hour, he shows everyone in the room PRICELESS techniques, methods and strategies for earning money online.

How Powerful Is That?

You get to log in and watch these LIVE-recorded sessions yourself. Plus, if you happen to miss one or two along the way, you always get the recordings of the sessions!

The recordings are powerful because you can watch them over and over again and reference them along the way.

He teaches in a very step-by-step manner and has the patience to stay around after each presentation and answer questions too. It's a phenomenal way to master this business!

[EXPERT] is great at what he does, and he's willing to "give-back" and show you too everything he knows about making money online. Plus, he's a bit motivational too. Sometimes, he'll get your blood pumping and your attitude jazzed for getting after it and making a difference in your income.

You are surely in for a treat!

Here's what you get:

  • Bi-weekly training/mentoring sessions
  • Recordings of the sessions to reference over and over again
  • Q and A sessions at the end of every session
  • Step-By-Step methods for earning money online quickly!
  • Mentoring on what to do and how to do it
  • Bullet Points are awesome!
  • Use them a lot.
  • You can't have too many?
  • No you can't.
  • Have some posed as a question?
  • So much more!

If you have never been professionally mentored, then you should stop everything you are doing and give this a try. Attend some of the sessions and see for yourself just how lucrative these clinics are.

If you're serious about making money from home in your pajamas, then you should jump on board and see for yourself!

Use These Callout SubHeadlines Every Few Paragraphs to Engage?

Everyone is different and some pick things up faster than others, but what if you were able to start earning money from home this month? What if you could do it this week?

Earning money online is all about following a proven system and sticking to it. That's it. If you can do that, the sky is the limit and there's no telling how much you'll make or how quickly you'll make it.

But - I can certainly tell you that there are plenty... thousands of people out there earning money from home following the types of systems [EXPERT] is going to teach you!

I can tell you that there are ordinary people, from all walks of life, people just like you and me, who have gone on to earn significant income online from home, fast!

I mean, even teenagers are making money online... other normal people... people who came from working at fast food joints... malls... gas stations... janitors... engineers... bookkeepers... you name it!

You can do this too. Just find a teacher... find a proven system to follow... and follow it! Stick to it. Master it. Do all that and everything can change for you forever. Your income may never be the same again and you could even end up quitting your day job. It is possible and has been done.

These Callouts Are Critical to Use!

Well, that's the best part of all.

Normally, [EXPERT] charges as much as $10,000 for mentoring. He's a high priced copywriter and coach too. He has membership sites, niche sites and is a super affiliate.

In other words, this is very valuable.

But - since [EXPERT] is already doing these sessions, and is mentoring people in group settings, he's decided to let me provide his mentoring to you for peanuts compared to what he normally charges.

Look, you are not ever going to find anything as powerful as this for the rate it is being offered at, so you'll need to take quick action if you want your seat at the clinics he does.

I have no idea how long he is going to allow this to happen or how many he's going to let in on his mentoring, so jump on this if you are at all remotely serious about this business.

Today, you can get [EXPERT]'s VIP mentoring for only $47 per month!

Boom! See, here's another SubHead...

Just because seats are limited (only so many fit in an online conference room), your quick action taking is paramount. It's critical that you jump on this if you want in!

I'm serious. If this is gone tomorrow, please do not contact me or get upset that it's gone. I have to be stern when I tell you, it's probably now or never.

Take action and get it before it's gone. Don't be one of the people kicking yourself for missing out.

Start Getting Professionally Mentored
By A Million Dollar Earner, Right Here
And Right Now!

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